Custom Quick-Light
EL Wire Kit

Great for Homecoming Mums!

Custom Quick-Light<br>EL Wire Kit<p>Great for Homecoming Mums!
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Product Description

This "ready to go" el wire kit includes everything you’ll need to light up any custom project!

The base cost of this kit is for one 5ft section of 2.2mm el wire in your choice of colors and one inverter.

For an additional charge, you may choose up to 4 strands of EL Wire in your choice of 10 High Bright colors, from 5ft to 30ft per strand!

Upgraded kits will come with: One inverter appropriate for the length of EL Wire that you choose, an appropriate splitter for connecting the number of el wire strands that you choose, and an AA battery pack and an ON/OFF switch. This is a complete kit. Just install your batteries and you’re done! (Batteries not included)

Great for Homecoming Mums! Perfect for all costumes, bicycles, autos, motor homes, boats, or to shed a gentle light in your wine cellar.