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Our Blue el wire is one of our best sellers. It is a true Royal Blue color.

Red (NEW)

Our Red (NEW) el wire is one of the very best “Red” colors that we have been able to find world wide. Our "Red (NEW)" is a much more of a "True Red" color than our previous "Flame Red" that had an Orange-ish tint to it.


Our White el wire is a cool white color that may be slightly blue-ish when lit. (It looks like a light pink color when not lit).


Our Lime el wire is the brightest of all of our el wire colors. Some of our customers have referred to it as “Alien Green” or "Florescent Green”. Definitely one of the favorites!!


Our Aqua is another great colors. It is a light sky blue. It is the second brightest colors of el wire. (This el wire looks clear, or white, when not lit).


Our Purple el wire is one of the very best “Royal Purple” colors that we have been able to find world wide.


Our Green el wire is a grass green color.


Our Yellow el wire is a golden yellow color


Our pink is another favorite among our customers. It is one of the best el wire colors available. It has a very nice “Electric Pink” color.


Our Orange el wire is a “Tangerine Orange” color.

NEVER apply power to any of our inverters without the EL wire being attached. Doing this may damage your inverter

(Some colors may vary from pictures).

EL wire's, (or "electroluminescent" wire's), construction consists of five major components. First is a solid-copper wire core. This core is coated with a phosphor. A very fine wire is spiral wound around the phosphor coated copper core. This fine wire is electrically isolated from the copper core. Surrounding this "sandwich" of copper core - phosphor - and fine copper wire is a clear PVC sleeve.

Finally, surrounding this thin clear PVC sleeve is a colored translucent PVC sleeve. An electric potential of approximately 90 - 120 volts at about 1000 Hz (cycles per second) is applied between the copper core wire and the fine wire that surrounds the phosphor coated copper core. The wire can be modeled as a coaxial capacitor with about 1 nF of capacitance per foot, and the rapid charging and discharging of this capacitor excites the phosphor to emit light.

A resonant oscillator is typically used to generate the high voltage drive signal. Because of the capacitance load of the EL wire, using an inductive (coiled) transformer makes the driver a tuned LC oscillator, and therefore very efficient. The efficiency of EL wire is very high, and thus a few hundred feet of EL wire can be driven by AA batteries for several hours. El wire has a normal lifespan of approximately 5000 to 7500 hours in optimal conditions. This lifespan can be dramatically reduced by exposure to: excessive heat / cold, sunlight, artificial light, as well as many other factors. It is normal to have to replace el wire approximately every year or so, if kept in optimal conditions.

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