Quick-Connect ULTRA-CORE
3.2mm (4th Generation)
(COMING SOON in more colors)

Quick-Connect ULTRA-CORE<br>3.2mm (4th Generation)<br>(COMING SOON in more colors)
Item# quick-connect-ultra-core-32mm-el-wire-4th-generation
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Product Description

COMING SOON in more colors!!! NEW 4th Generation ULTRA-CORE EL Wire!!!

This is our NEW “Quick-Connect” ULTRA-CORE 3.2mm EL wire. It is very durable. It also has UV protection and works in a wide range of in-door as well as out-door applications. You may choose from our 10 ULTRA-CORE colors and from 1ft. up to 150ft. in length. This wire will connect directly to any of our EL wire inverters. (The base $2.20 charge is for one Quick-Connector, parts, and labor)

PLEASE NOTE: All inverters for our ULTRA-CORE el wire must be doubled in size. (ie. our P-30 to 60 inverter will only power 15 to 30ft of ULTRA-CORE)

$1.95 per foot

(No soldering necessary!)